Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Twenty Miles from a Match

There wasn't a whole lot to talk about with a memoir. Some thought book was more appropriate to a 9th grade reading level and expressed surprise that she never complained, feeling that was just unrealistic.  Maureen said that a friend who read it for her book group asked the question - who would live like this?  To which Diana quietly said, I would.  She shared with us stories of her experience living 25 miles from Fairbanks with no water and an outhouse.  Joann said that is read like a journal to her, and perhaps it was.  She started working on this book in 1931 and we decided that her attitude was just a matter of the time and place.  We laughed about some of her humorous escapades and some of her non-so-humorous escapades.  We were aided with a large map a friend had printed for today with the locations labeled - most helpful in trying to get a sense of place and distance.

And as promised, here are some pictures of Constantia I took a few years ago.